About Us

Swirnow Building Systemssm...Building On Experience®

For over 40 years, Swirnow Building Systemssm has been building success stories with designers, builders and developers like you. This remarkable track record is the result of hard work and our belief in getting things right the first time. We have extensive experience in innovative Structural and Architectural building solutions, and we are proud to be associated with some of the most popular building systems in America.

Over 40 Years of Innovation.

In 1970, we became the first United States licensee for the Hambro® Floor System. As the U.S. partner, we established a network of over 30 dealers across the country. Combining composite steel joists with concrete, Hambro is one of the most advanced floor systems on the market; its pedigree has been copied, but never matched. Throughout the early 70's, we secured all the major U.S. code approvals for Hambro and initiated rigorous fire testing programs with Underwriters Laboratories for the system. Today Hambro fire ratings are some of the best in the industry.



In 1978, we pioneered light gauge metal studs into load bearing, steel stud structural wall systems with the birth of Energywalls. They were used in the first six-story load bearing steel stud project ever built in the United States or Canada. We also introduced Energypanels - prefabricated curtainwall systems that were a natural extension of the proven Energywall System. Prefabricated Roof Trusses and Mansard Frames made of light gauge metal were available to provide dimensional integrity and reduce erection time.



In the 1980's, we were awarded worldwide patents for our Ecomboframe® superstructure system. The system used a combination of poured-in-place columns, partially precast beams and the Hambro® Floor System. When all three components were in place, the result was a homogenous, monolithic superstructure that weighed about one-half of conventional concrete structures.



In the 1990's, we were the first to introduce Carea® Stone Composite Panels in the US market.

The Experience to Help You Build It.

At Swirnow, we build projects on paper first to ensure their success. Along with providing design assistance with our building systems, conceptual estimating and in-depth technical support, we're team players. More important, our staff is made up of dedicated, long-term employees with enormous experience. In fact, our top 6 key personnel have been with our companies on average for more than 20 years. But we know that experience isn't merely a measure of time. We've worked on a substantial range of projects and delivered successful building systems on a consistent basis. We pride ourselves on the tremendous synergy we've established between our sales and production departments. We're "hands on" - making sure that nothing falls through the cracks and going far beyond simply supplying materials.



Building For The Future.

Of all the things we've helped build over the years, we're most proud of the relationships we've built. And we want to keep building them.

Whether you choose a composite floor system, a Terra-cotta rainscreen wall panel system or an acoustical underlayment, our staff of industry experts knows how to get the job done.

No matter how many stories your project has, Swirnow Building Systemssm wants to make sure they all have happy endings.