With Gratitude and Appreciation for 25 Years of Service!

The year was 1987. Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. A gallon of gas was 89 cents. The Simpsons were seen on TV for the first time. People went to the movies to see Moonstruck, Dirty Dancing and Lethal Weapon. Michael Jackson was "Bad", George Michael had "Faith" and U2 were "With or Without You".

More importantly, 1987 was the year Russ Boellner and John Stahl joined the Swirnow Team.

As a token of his and the company's appreciation for 25 years of Loyal Service, David Swirnow presented Russ and John each with an Apple iPad - an electronic gadget only dreamed of in 1987.

Please join us in congratulating Russ and John on this significant milestone. Russ can be reached at RBoellner@swirnow.com and John can be reached at JStahl@swirnow.com.

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